Activities and Championships

A little something for everyone to watch or do


Friday Night Bastard Sword Tournament

In Honor of Don Benedict Ashton, Mooneschadowe sponsors a bastard sword tournament late Friday night. This tournament will either be a round-robin tournament if we have a small number of combatants, or a single elimination tournament if there are a large number (i.e. over 10 fighters). The only weapon allowed in this tournament will be bastard sword. The prize for the tournament is a pass down SCA legal bastard sword carried by Don Benedict.

Friday Night Cut & Thrust Fun

We'll also have a cut & thrust fun tourney held late Friday night. Just like the bastard sword tourney, only two-handed weapons will be allowed! There will be a small prize for the winner.

Equestrian Activities

Now one of our official traditions! Read here for more information about equestrian activities in general. For information on helping out as ground crew, please see the equestrian marshal in charge.

For equines, the site is somewhat primitive. You will need to bring a pen or highline for your horses. The equestrian area has plenty of shade and there will be a hose on the water spigot. There are not a lot of plug-ins in the equestrian area, but there are some within sight. For people, the site is wonderful! Flush toilets, private showers (with hot water!), and a large hall.

There is plenty of land for trail rides and perhaps even an impromptu Whack-Bonk fiasco. Our goal is to make sure equestrian activities at Triumphe are relaxing and fun. There should be plenty of different things for all the different horses, riders, and spectators at the event.

See below for more information about the kingdom Royal Lancer competition!

Saturday Night Parties

Parties for adults and kids alike!

For adults, come celebrate the enjoyable event you have just experienced and play games with your friends in front of the main hall! To take place after court/dishwashing.

For teens and preteens, come hang out and watch a movie and eat snacks in the much quieter admin building! We will be showing How to Train Your Dragon 2. To take place after court.

Sunday New Heavy Fighter Tournament

The new fighter's tournament will be a round-robin tournament, weapon's styles TBD. Entrance into the tournament is limited to fighters who've been authorized for less than two years, or any fighter who does not mind saying he or she *LOST* the new fighters tournament. A nice prize will be provided.

Circles a'Plenty

If you are a Companion of the Order of Defense, or a Companion to the Order of the Golden Lance, both groups will be meeting with Their Royal Majesties at some point during the weekend. Check the schedule for exact time and place.

Royal Court

Their Royal Majesties will be joining us again this year, and will preside over an evening court. This is when Mooneschadowe's Triumphe procession will be held -- where we cheer and celebrate the successful victories of our retiring champions and also of our new champions as they parade through our midst to stand before the thrones and collect their due rewards.


Guardian of the Eclipse Tournament

Mooneschadowe continues its popular Guardian tournament to choose our armored champion. As in years past, the tournament will consist of two portions. The first portion of the tournament will be a swiss five tournament, with proscribed weapon styles, to be announced the day of the tournament. After the first portion, the fighters who had the best win-loss records in the first portion of the tournament will be invited to compete the second portion of the tournament. The second portion will be a single elimination tournament with fighter's choice for weapon styles. The fighter who emerges victorious will be our next Guardian of the Eclipse.

Insegnante Rapier Tournament

Our rapier tournament is a swiss five tournament with declared weapon styles for each round (come prepared if you can for single blade, sword and dagger, cloak, buckler, and an "any legal off-hand" round which may even include case of swords), after which the fighters with the best win-loss records will be invited to participate in a single elimination mini-tourney (without required styles).

After the fighting finishes, by long-standing custom the fighters (and only the fighters) will come together to decide by secret ballot which fighter best represented the art of rapier defense and deserves to carry the Insegnante Blade for the next year.

Missile Tournaments

Rules, target, and scoring for the archery tournament to be revealed at the event, and not before.

Also enjoy our Marksman championship (thrown weapons), and our youth archery competition!

Minstrel Championship

The Minstrel competition consists of two rounds, with a potential third finalist round as needed. If there are a large number of entrants the judges may make cuts after the first round.

The bards will be expected to perform two pieces, one of which needs to allow for audience participation in order to be considered for the Title. (These do not have to be sing-along. You can get creative!)

Varying forms are encouraged but not required. Group performances are welcome!

Aside from the Minstrel title, recognition is also given to quality pieces in a variety of forms (song, story, poem, oratory, instrumental, group, etc...) as determined appropriate by the judges.

The Youth Minstrel competition (see below) will be held before the adult competition.

Youth activities and competitions

  • Youth chivalric competition: Those youth ages 6-17 who are authorized in youth combat may participate in our Terrick Memorial tournament, run by Iarl Owen. The format will be determined by the number and ages of participants. We will be using padded weapons for this tournament. Please bring your authorization card. Parents or an authorized adult must be present.
  • Youth Minstrel competition: The childrens' minstrel competition will consist of one round. Each entrant will perform one piece no more than five minutes in length. This competition is open to all performers under the age of 18 and does not exclude one from participating in the Minstrel of the Eclipse competition. This competition takes place right before the adult competition.
  • Youth Archery and Thrown Weapons competitions to be held in the afternoon.

Royal Lancer Competition

This will be a showcase of how the Royal Lancer of Ansteorra can defend their Kingdom with individual melee fighting, how to function as a cavalry unit when moving toward an enemy, and how to impress visiting Royals with your skills at the finer things, such as Ride before a Prince. Riders from Calontir are more that welcome to participate and accumulate winning points, but can not be named as Ansteorran Royal Lancer.

The current Royal Lancer, HL Mirabelis Zabaneh needs to know who all will be competing by August 31st, 2017, so that she can make preparations for site and scheduling etc. The format will be:

  1. Documentation and 2 movements to be performed before the Prince. The documentation will need to be turned in Friday night and ride times will likely be determined for the next day then.
  2. Cavalry formations as a unit under direction of someone.
  3. Mounted crest melee first, and then those that can will do full contact mounted combat second. I would LOVE to see some ground to mounted play in here as well, and maybe we can do a bit of it on Friday!

The schedule is not set yet, but likely will be: Mounted crest/melee first thing Saturday, followed by time slots in the after for Ride for the Prince, then cavalry maneuvers in the afternoon. This will all be around the vigil schedule as well, so things may be in flux. Further words from Mirabelis:

I am setting the bar high on this one, I would like to see everyone have a herald and a personal banner on a pole so that a procession of sorts can be done and you can be heralded in and folks will know who you are. I want to bring ambiance to this competition and make it as spectacular as our equestrians are!

Remember, Royal Lancer is a duty to the Crown and Kingdom as the Kingdom Equestrian Champion. I would like for the person who vies to win to be as devoted to the Crown as the Crown is to its people. I have enjoyed being Royal Lancer and have pushed the bar far further than I would have expected. We have a bit more leeway with having horses in procession, having horses in court, and having the Royals appreciate and enjoy having the equestrians around. I would like to see this continue to grow so that we can participate in the many aspects of the SCA while on horseback!