Mooneschadowe Triumphe - Field of Cloth of Gold

Triumphe IX: Triumphe of the Pavilions
an ode to the Field of Cloth of Gold
September 19-21, 2014

The Province of Mooneschadowe cordially invites the populace near and far to join us for a weekend of fun as the new champions of Mooneschadowe are chosen in Heavy Weapons, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Chess, Bardic, and Arts & Sciences along with our Children's Champions in Heavy Weapons, Archery, Bardic, and Arts & Sciences. More information on our activities will be coming soon!

In June of 1520 King Henry VIII of England and King Francis of France met near Calais for a meeting stated as a gathering to increase friendship between the monarchs of the two countries in the name of peace. For two-and-a-half weeks the two monarchs did their best to outdo and impress the other with extravagant clothing, balls, music, fabulous feasts, and the finest displays of combat prowess they could devise.

So in the name of peace, friendship, and displays of extravagant fun, we give you a taste of The Field of the Cloth of Gold!