Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Provincial Games

February 14, 2015

The Province of Mooneschadowe cordially invites the populace near and far to join us for a day of melee fun and arts and sciences. On this day, in an outdoor arena you may join in the clash of arms as we have our annual Provincial Games, a riot of fun melee scenarios to prepare us for Gulf Wars. Also this day in our indoors venue, the champion of Arts and Sciences for the kingdom will be chosen, along with other worthy A&S champions to be sent to compete at Gulf Wars. Additionally, we have spaces indoors set aside for classes, projects, and fun and games in general!

Artisans should definitely check out the schedule for timing on the competition. To help speed things up in the morning, we will have folks ready at the rollup door at the back of the hall to help artisans unload. There is also a door at the back of the hall that leads directly to the arena where the melees will be held. Please see this pic for more information:

expo center picture