Provincial Games - Championships & Activites

Chess Championship

The Mooneschadowe Chess Tournament will be played out with table chess sets in the morning and afternoon. The final round of the tournament will be played as a live chess tournament. Come fight knights, queens, and pawns to the death! (And if you are the one to die, come be a piece in the live chess set game.)

A&S Championship

Artisans are most cordially invited to compete for our A&S Championship! Static arts and sciences, Research papers, and Performance pieces are all welcome. We will be using the standard Kingdom judging/feedback forms, so we recommend looking over the judging/feedback forms before working up the documentation that will accompany your entry.

Kingdom Judging/Feedback Forms can be found here:

A&S Display

Have something you’ve been working on, that we’d all like to see? Please bring it along to Provincial Games. In addition to our A&S championship, we will also be hosting an A&S Display. You can display works in progress (with a bit of explanation of where you are in the project), or just something nifty you’ve done that you’d like to display, but don’t feel ready for competition. (We will have a populous choice award for the display items.)

Come Eat, Dance, Game, and be Merry before the season of Lent comes upon us!

Marzipan for Now and Later!

Come learn to make Marzipan and how to store it properly for snacking after (during!?!) Lent. This sugary treat was a favorite throughout the Medieval period. You will need to wear something that you don’t mind getting sticky in. You are welcome to bring your own container for carrying away your marzipan creations, but there will be plastic bags. Standard nut allergy warnings apply. (Class size is limited to 15).

Roman Pompei Sourdough

This class will teach you to make the bread. You will leave with sourdough starter, and will have bread to snack on in the afternoon. (Slather it with butter! Lent isn’t here YET.)

Participants are encouraged to bring a mason’s jar to carry away their starter.

Dancing for Beginners and Any Who Enjoy Merriment!

We will be dancing in the hall in the afternoon. Each dance will be taught and practiced before doing it to music. The Merry Musicians will be providing live music to increase the merriment.

Medieval Instrument Petting Zoo

Have you ever wondered what a crumhorn is? What about a cornetto? How did an Anglo-Saxon Hearpa sound? Come by our Medieval Instrument Petting Zoo in the morning. We will have a display of medieval instruments out. (The tame ones for petting, some of the wild ones will be for looking only.)