Provincial Games - Championships & Activites

Chess Championship

This will be a single elimination tournament format. In the final round the finalists will direct the game from the board in the "King" positions.

A&S Championship

Artisan of the Eclipse Competition: The Arts & Sciences competition for Mooneschadowe will be a judged competition using the Ansteorran Judging Forms currently available via the Kingdom website. There is no theme for the competition, but documentation is required. Entries may be one single item or a combination of relevant/related items. Please note on the judging forms when entering your piece(s) what you wished to have judged. Judges usually consist of Laurels, Apprentices, and experts in given fields who are in attendance the day of the event. We try very hard to match judges based on subject of the entry.

Children’s Artisan: This will be a judged Arts and Sciences competition. Children are encouraged to enter as many pieces as they like. Documentation is encouraged, but not required. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive constructive feedback about your art and to show others what you have been working on.

Scribal Table

HL Lillias MacGuffin is hosting an all day scribal table for illuminators to work on scrolls for our Kingdom and enjoy each others company. Charter scrolls and supplies will be available for those who need them. You are of course welcome to bring your own as well.

Other Fun Things

Bring your projects! We'll have space for working on just about anything you can (safely) do indoors.

Games! There will be a table set up for period games of all types. Bring your favorite!