Provincial Games - Melee Games

In order to have an entire day devoted to fun and games, we propose at least four different melee games be conducted. Each of these games can last from thirty minutes to two hours, depending upon how much fun the fighters are having and how many breaks are required.

The proposed games are:

Blood Of Heroes

Taken from a 1989 Australian post-apocalyptic movie starring Rutger Hauer, this Calontir game has everything a melee fighter could ask for. This game involves two teams of five attempting to score by placing a dog skull on the opposing team’s goalpost in a 5 minute period. Although only five team members are allowed on the field at a time, it is highly recommended to have several more waiting to be tagged in while breaks are taken. This allows the game to play continuously until all fighters have emptied their cup of blam.

Capture the Flag

Players compete to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their base. Teams must use a great deal of teamwork. Both teams must defend their base from incoming attackers and get into the other team’s base, take their flag and return to base. This requires that the team protect their flag carrier very well from the other team in order to complete the objective. This game has the potential for combat archery.

Unreal Tournament

Designed to be similar to the video game, in this Unreal Tournament each team begins at their base with single sword. Gauntlets are required to play in this game. This game can be played several different ways – capture the flag, domination, or slayer – but the weapons will all be the same. For this event we will play "Team Slayer."

Provincial Rugby

Provincial rugby is similar in spirit to modern rugby and football, but using a heavy item (“ball”) rather than a football. Anyone can carry the item as long as they can lift it. The goal of the game is to get the item in the endzone for a score. The item can also be used to block incoming shots or people. This game will initially be run without any combat archery.

Protect the King

One team has to get to an objective with the “king” alive. The other side attempts to maul the “king.” This can be done on a variety of fields but is best played where both sides can see each other, which will generally begin a running battle. This game has the potential for combat archery.